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Watermelon Coral
  • Watermelon Coral

    This painting was my submission to the 2018 westlake HS old boys exhibition. I began this painting with the idea to depict the violence of an exploding watermelon. As I refined and worked on the piece it grew progressivly unlike what I started with. The final premise of painting to me is more about how disturbing the unnatural can be, when characterists of two apposing natural forms are combined and intergrated. I find the painting has a unique humor to it like an exageration, a self parody or an ironic celebration. 


    • Specifications

      Date of completion: 2018

      Size:120x90 cm

      Weight: 7 kgs

      Material: acrylic on board

      This work comes complete with wall hangers and a signed certificate of authenticity.

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