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Visceral Moment
  • Visceral Moment

    The main inspiriation for this work was the desire to represent the passing of time through a visual metaphor. While also creating a work that people would find visceral and insite a visual sensation. 

    To acheive the effect of this painting I built up the colours using layers with a technique called luminosity, where by a translucent colour is applied over a lighter colour to achieve a vibrant glow.


    There is a relationship between the disks and the orange surface. They ride along the surface at an increasing speed leaving behind ripples, reminding me of the unstopable progession of time as it passes though us making us wiser and more worldly.



    • Specifications

      Date of completion: 2017

      Dimensions: 76x115cm

      Weight: 2 kgs

      Medium: acrylic on stretched canvas

      This work comes complete with wall hangers and a signed certificate of authenticity. 

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